The Impact of Mental Health Issues in School: Medicating Children

The PANEL: Dr. Leonard Dr. Riggall Dr. Matta

Here is what some participants said when asked “What did you learn today that you will share with others?”

Cell phone psychosis

Comparison between Amish families and “us”

The difference between normal childhood development vs treatable conditions

No fear in young folks today is a huge problem with today’s youth

Social media and cell phone psychosis

Was unaware about the existence of Milton Hershey School and what they have to offer

Understanding what Milton Hershey School has to offer and how to refer a student and families

Psychiatrist perspective on medicating children

Factors of what has changed for us (now vs then) technology, readiness of drug availability, social media

Parents need informed of the resources available inside and outside of the school system about mental health issues

The system is very successful with some children but others are failing—reasons for this

Lifestyles is impacting the health and wellness of our kids

Information on “drug holidays” was good

There are as many absent mothers as fathers in the home

The impact of social/emotional factors such as increased pressure and expectations on kids

Children are being “raised without fear” is contributing to children with psychotic concerns

Medication is a collaborative decision

Medications should be given when behaviors become dysfunctional to the everyday life

In our culture environmental events cause more mental illness than internal, genetic or body chemistry

School staff are the eyes and ears for the doctor and they need to share so that children can be helped

The ways in which Magellan Health Care can assist individual and families—important information

EDITOR’S COMMENT: In the world we live in today it is obvious there needs to be more focus on Mental Health, how to recognize the need, how to treat, and how to support students and families.

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