For Educators

What topics are available for in-service or staff development?

Depending on the need HH Education Events has a list of outstanding presenters who can present topics dealing with: Legal Issues, Special Education, Inclusion, Co-teaching, Classroom Management, Staff Evaluation, School Safety, Technology in the Classroom, Teaching Methods, Actively Involving all Students in the Classroom. This is only a partial list.

How much time is needed to organize an event?

It depends on a number of factors. If the event is to be held at the educator’s location on a specific day and time then usually three months of lead time would be sufficient. If the event involves educators from numerous locations and a site must be secured then it may be necessary to have six months lead time.

Does HH Events only work with public schools?

No, we will host events for private, parochial, preschools, daycare, colleges and universities, cyber schools, charter schools, intermediate units, hospitals, etc.

What businesses typically sponsor an event?

Businesses who will be contacted for a sponsorship are those who currently or sometime in the future may provide professional or personal services for educators.

How will educators know about upcoming events and how to sign up for them?

All events will be advertised on the HH Education Events website. Information will be listed about the topic, speaker and content. Registration will be done through the website. For updates individuals should contact us and request information to be sent directly to them at their email address.

For Sponsors

What are the benefits of sponsoring an event?

Sponsors will be involved with every planning phase of the event. They will approve all decisions. They will receive advertising on the HH Education Events website before and after the event. Sponsors will also have the opportunity to meet potential clients face to face at the event. They will also be given the opportunity to present at the event. Their presentation should focus on how the sponsor can assist educators personally and professionally.

What is the cost to sponsor an event?

It Depends—it depends on a number of factors that may include but are not be limited to, presenter expense such as presentation fee, travel expenses and lodging. Other factors that will impact cost are: location of the event, length of the presentation and administrative costs.

What are the ways a business can sponsor an event?

It can be done by a financial contribution. It can also be done by contributing services. Or, it can be done by making both a financial contribution and a service contribution. For example, a business could host an event at their facility, provide lunch and compensate the speaker. HH Education Events is open to all possibilities. Every event will be unique but will have one uniform standard, they will all be high quality events.

Can a sponsor request to host an event for a specific group of educators for a specific institution or in a specific geographic location?

Yes, HH Education Events will do all of the administrative work that is required from contacting the institution to determining the best presenter, time, schedule and location. The institution and the sponsor will reserve the right to approve the topic and who will present.

What is the role of HH Education Events?

HH Education Events will be the coordinator between the sponsor and the institution. One of the first priorities will be to find a good match between the sponsor and the participants. Once this has been done we will work to find high quality presenters who are competent about the topic, motivational and who will make a positive impact on their audience.