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This question was asked at the January 28, 2021 event about Diversity Equity Inclusion.

Ashley Deurlein, Counselor at Central Greene School District gave such thoughtful answers they are well worth sharing.

When asked, Did you learn new skills/information:

Response: I appreciate the fact sheet Dr. Harvey-Smith (presenter) will be sharing, So much good data and research mentioned. I can’t wait to dig deeper.

When asked, Comment on the ALL STAR PANEL

Response: I appreciated this panel with individuals in different positions, PA Department of Education also provided great resources and input.

When asked, Provide other comments:

Response: I thought Dr. Harvey-Smith President of Pittsburgh Technical College was fantastic. The emphasis on the importance of leadership culture competence and buy in is so essential and not always challenged. We are our students’ advocates and for some their first. I love that the information was current (with  use of recent events and verbiage). This was fantastic.

Slippery Rock University hosted this virtual event and filmed it. The link is

SRU Diversity Workshop Spring 2021.mp4

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