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Legal Issues 2022 | 05/10/2022

Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Location: Virtual

Time: Sign in begins at 8:30 AM Wrap up 11:00 AM

Hosted:  HIBster-The Electronic Solution to Bullying


This event is supported by Dynasty Financial Solutions--Ameriprise/ HIBster/ First Choice Federal Credit Union

This event is designed to meet the needs of Counselors, Administrators, Teachers, Students, College Professors, School Safety Personnel, Solicitors and everyone who is interested in students being successful.

PART 1:  A Town Hall Meeting with Bernie Hoffman

Bernard G Hoffman (Bernie) has been an educator since 1958. He has served as a teacher, Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent and a Superintendent as well as a consultant to many states and federal governments on educational risk issues. He has presented in over two thousand educational institutions including public, parochial and private schools in most areas of the country. He has served as a consultant to numerous law and educational agencies. He has trained numerous groups concerning at risk students as well as disruptive adults. His articles and publications are often requested.

Points for discussion:

  • The need for policies, procedures and guidelines for dealing with disruptive students as well as parents during the school day.
  • The need for policies, procedures and guidelines for the participation of individuals who may be disruptive students, parents or other adults at public Board meetings or at work sessions, committee meetings or school events.
  • The possibility of banning an individual parent or protesters from schools or school grounds.
  • Disciplinary action and extent on and off school grounds on school days as well as actions taken on non-school days.

PART 2:  A Presentation

EDS/HIBster--The Electronic Solution to Bullying Jim Budzilek Dir of Education, or 724-272-1992

 Jim Budzilek, Ed.D.

  • Science teacher/Asst. Principal – Knoch MS/HS
  • Supt. Leechburg Area School District
  • Supt. Mars Area School District
  • Director of Education for Educational Development Software

The major points to be covered with this presentation:

  • Reinforce the need for schools to document HIB (harassment, intimidation and bullying) incidents
  • What should be documented
  • How can schools document these incidents
  • Reports/professional development for students/staff/parents
  • Next steps for the victim and offender


PART 3:  A Focus Group: Parents/ Solicitor/Community Leaders/Superintendent


Participants are encouraged to submit questions in advance. Questions must be submitted no later than April 29. Email them to  By submitting questions you will help design the agenda. We want to meet your needs.

If you have difficulty registering on line simply answer the questions and email them to or call Herb Hunt at 724.494.0968 Register early the number of participants may be limited. You will be notified that your registration has been received.

This is a timely topic and is designed to be participant friendly. One of the goals of all events is to “Build Partnerships for Student Success”.

Thank you to HIBster/ Ameriprise 724-652-7556 / First Choice Federal Credit Union Michael Vatter for financially supporting this event.

Legal Issues | 05/10/2022

Comments about the May 10, 2022 event Legal Issues Facing Schools:

Jim Budzilek had a great power point presentation on documentation. Contact Jim at for a copy. You will not be disappointed

“Leading schools has become a very complex process that is grounded in policy, procedures, guidelines and contracts. Thanks to Dr. Hunt at HH Events for bringing together the expert resources to help keep us informed on the legal aspects of our leadership. In doing so, we are more knowledgeable and better prepared to make legally sound decisions and provide "certified opinions" (Bernie Hoffman).”  Raymond Omer Superintendent Westmiddlesex School District

“My biggest takeaways were the importance of documentation and to have the proper contracts, policies, job descriptions, procedures, and guidelines in place. The event was well structured and as always Bernie brings a wealth of knowledge and best practice ideas to the table.” John Vannoy Superintendent Sharpsville School District

“This continues to be a complex world we live in. Despite this, we are always looking for a ‘one size-fits all’ laws or rules to define situations. Unfortunately, those are not so easily obtainable. We need strong leadership, common sense guidance, patience, and understanding to get through these difficult times. These all seem to be in limited supply today. What a wonderful opportunity to come together with a group of learned individuals that are solution oriented and talk through real-life experiences with the goal or working through issues like at Dr. Hunt’s seminars. I think they are an invaluable look at some of the most difficult and taboo issues of our time. I always learn so much.” Michael Vatter CEO First Choice Federal Credit Union

“During the first portion, one of the biggest takeaways was that Bernie Hoffman brings years of experience and practical situational knowledge to educational leaders. I am constantly impressed by his ability to connect with the audience and that he continues to do the work. Both Bernie and yourself should be proud of your continued dedication to the field!” Dr. Jay Barris Principal PACyber

“Bernie Hoffman is an invaluable resource. The basic rules of Bernie I apply daily. If we have any situation we follow his rules of aware, investigate, conclusion, appropriate action. We also live by our protections of job descriptions, adopted board policies, procedures to execute policies, and contracts. We can never get too much Bernie!”  Leonard Rich Superintendent Laurel School District

“People can always have the best intentions for students but, without proper consistent documentation the best plan can become derailed.”  Michael Krisuk Financial Advisor Dynasty Financial Ameriprise

“One of the biggest takeaways I noted was reinforcing the importance of documenting and record keeping as situations arise. The value that was added in terms of how and what to document was so important and something I plan to specifically train my staff members to do going forward.”  Scott McCaskey Director of Special Education West Middlesex School District

“The area that caught my attention most was the discussion on the school nurse-- that a nurse's duty cannot be given to a secretary -- Bernie gave the example that a parent came in and was speaking to the secretary and the secretary said something like my child had the same thing and I did this ..... The parent took the information as "medical reference," which then could lead to issues with the school. This is not a new scenario, but happens more time than not with sub shortages and coverage for nurses.”  Patty Kardambikis Assistant Professor Robert Morris University

“As always, the recent event on legal issues was informative and educational. Bernie Hoffman brings decades of knowledge and experience and delivers his presentation with relevant and real time information. I feel more abreast of the pressing legal issues facing educators today after spending a morning with Bernie Hoffman.” Bill Vonada Superintendent Cranberry Area School District

This Legal Issues Event was supported by
EDS/HIBster--The Electronic Solution to Bullying Jim Budzilek, Director of Education, or 724-272-1992

First Choice Federal Credit Union Michael Vatter

Dynasty Financial Solutions 724-652-7556

Please feel free to contact the supporters listed above to follow up and also to use as a resource for your students, parents and staff. The goal is to “Build Partnerships for Student Success”.

Thank you
Bernie Hoffman Chief Consultant for PDE for School Risk Issues for over 15 years for sharing your knowledge and expertise
Dr. Jim Budzilek for hosting, sharing expertise and providing technical assistance
David Hunt for technical advice
All members of the Focus Group for sharing your knowledge and expertise. You helped to make schools better by your participation today

Assessing Student Learning Effectiveness | 03/24/2022

Video is archived and accessible at:  Quest&AssmentPD.mp4


Assessing Student Learning Effectiveness

March 24, 2022

8:30—11:00 AM

Hosted by Slippery Rock University College of Education

8:30—8:40   Login

8:40—Welcome Herb Hunt

8:45—Welcome Dr. Keith Dils Dean College of Ed Slippery Rock University

8:55—Welcome Dr. Nichol Zaginaylo Dean Butler County Community College

9:05—Presentation Dr. Cathleen Cubelic Assistant Superintendent Highlands SD

9:25—Welcome  Chassidy Shaffer Pittsburgh Technical College

Members of the ALL STAR Panel will make opening comments

9:35—Dr. Jeremy Lynch Slippery Rock University

9:40—Mr. Mike Hale Intermediate Unit 5

9:45—Dr. David Zupsic Intermediate Unit 4

9:50—Dr. Bonnie McCall Ordonez Pittsburgh Technical College

9:55—Mrs. Stephanie Long Butler County Community College

10:00—Announcements/ Act 48/ Upcoming events

10:15—The ALL STAR Panel/ Moderator Dr. Keith Dils

11:00—Wrap up/ What do you now know and will be able to do? Dr. Dils


Thank you Slippery Rock University COE for your support

Thank you Butler County Community College for your support

Thank you Pittsburgh Technical College for your support


Thank you Dr. Cathleen Cubelic

Thank you members of the ALL STAR Panel

Thank you  Dr. Keith Dils for moderating

Thank you Dr. Keith Dils for technical assistance

Thank you David Hunt for technical assistance

Thank you to everyone who attended a GOLD STAR to all

Happy Trails to You--Herb