Highlights from the April 5, 2019 Event


How Prepared are Students for the World after High School (2019 edition)

Location: Westminster College/Number Registered 92

Information: From everyone who completed the evaluation everyone rated the event as EXCELLENT

Participants were asked on the evaluation to share what they learned. The following are a few of the many responses:

“I was blown away by the information and ideas that were presented. It was really exciting to learn more about career education and Happenstance. It was also impressive how many groups and organizations are working together to help our students with their future careers. The Focus Group (current and recent high school graduates) was very inspiring as they shared the need for assistance with their futures”.

“The world is full of careers and opportunities. As a Middle/High School Principal I found this event eye opening. As educators we must provide students with the ability to experience all the world has to offer”.

“Life is driven by happenstance/ Luck is no accident”

“LinkedIn should be used by students”.

“I do not push my students to choose an actual career with all of my career readiness activities. I learned that this is the right approach”. “I did not know that resumes are read electronically”.

“Career readiness is a component needed in teacher preparation programs”.

“Continue to make your weaknesses your strength. When writing your resume use lots of verbs. They bring attention to your strengths”.

“On your resume-employers want to see your ability to learn not necessarily what you have learned. Employers also want to see actions and results”.

“Students should job shadow careers they have never heard of”.

“Happenstance—life can open doors to careers that students are not exposed to in high school”.

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