Previous Event-Town Hall Meeting with Bernie Hoffman

Held on August 7, 2017 at Slippery Rock University

Over 100 educators attended representing 25 school districts and 2 IU

Everyone who completed the evaluation rated the event OUTSTANDING!

Comments from the participants

“Bernie Hoffman is always very informative”—Elizabeth Daugherty—Principal—Cranberry School District

“Excellent information! Thank you Dr. Hunt and Bernie Hoffman for sharing pertinent—helpful information”—Regina Hiler—Principal—Butler Voc. Tech

“Great Day”—David McDevitt—Superintendent—Allegheny Clarion Valley

“Very informative and relative issues”—Laura Green—Dir of Sp. Ed.—Slippery Rock SD

“As always Bernie is amazing in regards to law and how it effects school, students and families.”—George Sperdute—Asst. Principal—Mohawk

“Wonderful place (SRU) to have an event”-Mike Leitera–Superintendent-Mohawk

“Thank you for a great and informative meeting”—Michael Perrott–Counselor–South Fayette

“Lack of time, all day would be worth it”-Megan Murray—Principal—Beaver Area

“Always great hearing Bernie and being back at SRU”–Mike Lewis–Curr. Dir. IU 27

“As always, great and useful information”—Matt Vannoy—Asst. Principal—Sharon

“Would like additional time for more topics”—Megan Lindner—Asst. Dir. of Sp. Ed.-PAcyber

“More Bernie Hoffman”—Patricia Connolly—Dir. of Business Services—IU 4

“Excellent”—Mark Hogue—Principal—Greenville

“Bernie is the best legal resource I have heard”—Tom Lesniewski—Superintendent-Punxsutawney SD

“Awesome, Thank You to SRU and Bernie Hoffman”—Kate Evans-Haines—Counselor-Jamestown SD

“Thank you for organizing another wonderful town hall!  As always, it was educational, and entertaining at the same time!  Mr. Hoffman always delivers, and is a great source of knowledge and advice!”—Michael Wright—Principal—Wilmington Schools


Thanks to all who attended.

Thank you to our program supporters

Slippery Rock University, College of Education—Dr. Keith Dils, Dean

CLARK’S Studio –334 E. Washington Street New Castle, PA 16101

Bryan and Kevin Clark

Phone: 724-658-5215 Fax: 724-657-0631

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