4th Annual School Safety Summit

Hosted by Slippery Rock University

A Conversation about School Safety and Positive School Climate

“This job of keeping our children safe, and teaching them well, is something we can only do together, with the help of friends and neighbors, the help of a community, and the help of a nation.”

— President Barack Obama, December 16, 2012

Date: May 5, 2017

Location: Slippery Rock University—Robert Smith Student Center—Ballroom A

Time: 8:00—11:30 AM

No Registration Fee

Breakfast Included

This Summit is open to School Administrators, Guidance Counselors, Teachers, School Solicitors, School Board Members, University Staff, School Safety Personnel and everyone interested in school safety.

This Summit is supported by

Slippery Rock University– College of Education– Dr. Keith Dils, Dean

James A. Budzilek, Ed. D. Director of Education for HIBster/EDS

Topics to be covered: Bullying/ Legal Issues/ A Safe Environment

Participants will know:

–how prepared your school is to proactively handle an aggressive intruder

–how prepared your school is to proactively handle an active shooter event

–what the negative issues are in a traditional “lockdown” approach

–what the current acceptable responses are too dangerous events

–how students and staff can survive an active shooter/aggressive event

Participants will know correct Policy, Procedures and Guidelines for:

–sexual harassment, bullying, gender and disability discrimination

–student expulsion and discipline related to zero tolerance

–cyberbullying after school hours and how schools should respond

Registration is limited so sign up early.

Note:  If you experience problems with the online registration please email your registration information to hhevents@zoominternet.net.


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