Thoughts About Your Workplace

Recently the Heisman Trophy winner was announced–Marcus Mariota of Oregon. As I was reading the account of his acceptance speech, which was very inspirational, I thought about how it relates to education and everyone’s job.

I was especially moved by the statement, “We enter as teammates, leave as a family. This sign should be in locker rooms across the nation”.

Colleagues, former students and friends this is the attitude that we all should have in life. To be successful in any organization it requires that those in the organization think like family members. Yes, there will be times of stress and disagreement. However, families stick together because they have a bond. Families celebrate success but work through the difficult things together.

That is what separates the good schools and organizations from the poor and mediocre.

Is the place where you work just a workplace or is it a family place? If it is not a family you need to be the person who begins to make changes. Remember, you spend most of your time at work–it should be a happy place.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a Good Night–Herb

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