The Perfect Gift


If you are looking for the perfect gift I have found it. You should consider giving it too.

Dr. Keith Dils, Dean Slippery Rock University

This is an excerpt from a letter that I received from the Slippery Rock University Foundation.

This year, more than ever, scholarships are making a difference for students at Slippery Rock University. Scholarships encourage deserving and talented students who stimulate the intellectual and cultural life of the University. They also make a Slippery Rock University education available to students who otherwise would not be able to afford it. As families continue to face financial challenges, the decision for students to attend or to stay in college is dramatically influenced by the availability of scholarships.

This is an excerpt from a letter that I received from a scholarship recipient.

I want to thank you for the generous support that helped me achieve my goal. I am the first in my family to attend and finish college. With your help I was able to finally receive my B.S.N. It was a wonderful blessing to my family and me. We have sacrificed a lot during my educational journey and to end with an award that covered my last course expenses meant the world to me.

Now that I have finally completed my degree I have decided to continue my education and earn my M.S.N. I truly enjoy community nursing and helping others. Again, thank you for your generosity and kindness in choosing me for this wonderful scholarship.

Two excellent reasons why you should consider starting a scholarship at your alma mater. You will be starting a legacy for you or a loved one and you will receive the greatest gift when your letters of thanks arrive. Helping people is what we do in education.

Thank you to Ms. Terri Taylor, Assistant Director of Development at Slippery Rock University

Thank you to Robyn Brogan RN, BSN

You both made my day.

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