School Violence Satistics

In a recent editorial by Walter Williams he listed some alarming statistics that are occurring in our schools.

The Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Department of Education’s National Center for Educational Statistics show that in 2012, there were about 749,200 violent acts on students.

In the 2011-12 academic year, there were a record 209,800 primary and secondary school teachers who reported being physically attacked by a student. Nationally, an average of 1,175 teachers and staff were physically attacked including being knocked out, each day of the school year.

In Baltimore, each school day in 2010 an average of four teachers and staff were assaulted. Each year roughly 10 percent of primary and secondary school teachers are threatened with bodily harm.

These are alarming statistics about a problem that must be addressed. School violence and other topics (bullying for one) will be addressed at the Spring School Safety Summit to be held in western Pennsylvania. More information will be posted on the website at a future time.

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