Rights vs Privileges by Bernie Hoffman

Rights vs Privileges

Educators must be very careful not to confuse rights of students with privileges that students may earn, enjoy, or be given.


              A tenth grade student has the right to take English 10. It is not a right but a privilege for that student to apply for acceptance into the debating team’s program.

Graduation–if a student has met all of the requirements it is a right but the graduation ceremony is a privilege.

A free and appropriate education is a right while attendance at the senior prom or playing on the baseball team is a privilege.

It is extremely important when a student is enrolled in an alternative placement that educators understand what obligations they must adhere to regarding the student’s participation in social and co-curricular activities at their home school.

It is all about Rights vs Privileges.

Bernie Hoffman will be at Slippery Rock University on May 3, 2016

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