Had They Known Students Would Have Worked Harder

At the November 6, Event “How Prepared are Students for the World After High School”   there was a discussion and reaction to a survey that reported 80% of college students indicated that they would have worked harder in high school had they known what the expectations of college would be.

Scott Seltzer, Assistant Superintendent at Chartiers Valley School District agreed with this report and said that his district has developed a plan to make students more aware.

Mr. Seltzer stated, “We provide an alumni luncheon in December to ask our recent graduates where we need to improve. We have hired a Collegiate Coordinator to organize this meeting with the building principals. They then share this information with the faculty and students. We hired a Collegiate Coordinator about 3 years ago to help our students with training after high school”.

This appears to be a practical and logical approach to help college bound students plan for their future so they will be successful after high school.


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