The Impact of Current Legal Issues in Schools

Bullying, Special Education, Investigations, Policy, Procedures, Guidelines and other Issues
Hosted by Geneva College
October 23, 2019
Skye Lounge
8:00 AM—Noon

Why you and others should attend. You will meet other educators that will help you expand your network and cycle of influence. You will be challenged to consider new ideas and views. You will receive encouragement for what you do. You will have the opportunity to build partnerships and that will help you professionally. You will receive answers to difficult and challenging questions that you have or will encounter. You will leave having helped, “Build Partnerships for Student Success”.

Who should attend? This program will be beneficial to anyone who works with children and parents. The list includes but is not limited to: administrators, teachers, counselors, school psychologist, nurses, parents, school board members, social workers, prevention specialist, community leaders, college professors, children and youth services, law enforcement, school safety personnel, etc.

Event Format  Listening Session presented by Russell Lucas and an Interactive Session by an All Star Focus Group.

Listening Session presented by Russell Lucas

Russ Lucas has attended and participated in events for a number of years. He has always brought thoughtful insight into difficult situations. Because of this I have invited him to share his knowledge and experiences while working in school districts. You will hear about what policies, procedures and guidelines you should follow. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with what you hear and what you learn. You will leave knowing you will be safer and more secure in what you do.—- Herb Hunt

About the Presenter

Russell Lucas is an associate attorney with Andrews & Price.  Russ’s practice focuses on the representation of school districts and other public sector entities. He has provided counsel to school districts as both solicitor and appointed special counsel regarding student matters, constitutional issues, policy and general school matters and defense of claims, special education matters, labor and personnel matters, contracts and collective bargaining. In the labor and litigation portions of his practice, Russ’s representation of clients extends from grievance arbitration to administrative agencies such as the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to state and federal trial and appellate courts. Russ also has extensive experience in zoning law, and acts as a solicitor to zoning hearing boards and special counsel in other land use matters, including oil and gas development.
During his twenty-three years of legal experience, Russ has been involved in a wide range of matters.   Russ was a member of the trial team in the Woodland Hills School District desegregation case, which culminated in the winding up of thirty years of litigation.  Russ was lead appellate counsel for the City of Pittsburgh School District in a case of first impression involving parochial student transportation. Russ has successfully represented school districts in federal litigation in the Western District Court and Third Circuit Court of Appeals involving discrimination claims and state-created danger claims. Russ worked extensively on the 2009 merger between the Center and Monaca School Districts in Beaver County, Pennsylvania which created the Central Valley School District.

Interactive Session

AN ALL STAR FOCUS GROUP: Educators who will share their insight on what you should and should not do as it relates to Current Legal Issues. These insights will come from their real life experiences.

Sample Questions

What are some of the current Legal Issues about Special Education that concern you?
If you had one suggestion of what school districts should do to avoid litigation what would it be?
What information should be maintained that demonstrates the district has been working cooperatively with outside agencies (i.e. mental health, law enforcement)?

Participants are encouraged to submit questions. What do you want to hear about from Russ Lucas and/or the FOCUS GROUP? Email questions to

If you have difficulty registering online simply email the registration information to the address above. If you have questions call Herb Hunt at 724-494-0968. Your registration will be confirmed within a week.

Thank you for your support

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