Mental Health Issues in Schools

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September 30, 2021

170 People registered for the event representing 100 school districts/organizations

Thank you so much for including me on the panel.  I really appreciate being able to discuss the issue of mental health in the forum that you created.  It is a subject that I am very passionate about.  In my opinion, I think it was a huge success.  There were so many people that were able to benefit from the messages about mental health.  I do believe that this training will have a positive impact on staff, teachers, administrators, and school counselors who are in the field and possibly struggling with how to handle the mental health issues of their students.  I appreciate the work that you (Herb) did to make this happen!   Dr. Jane Hale Counseling Slippery Rock University

Another great event!  You (Herb) certainly have the best way of imparting information that is relevant in a clear, concise way.  The panelists that you choose have expert information to share.  They are indeed All Stars.

This topic is extremely important.  Teachers need to be informed about mental health.  I appreciate that you included self-care as well.  We are working with our pre-service teachers in social emotional health understanding so that they are more equipped to deal with the environments that they will soon enter.  I appreciate the resources shared today. Jane Dean, Education Faculty Westminster College

The session recording can be seen at:


Agenda: Mental Health Issues

September 30, 2021

Hosted by Slippery Rock University College of Education

8:20—8:35  Log In

8:35—8:40  Welcome/ Dr. Keith Dils Dean College of Ed Slippery Rock University

8:40—9:05  David Delvaux/ Clinical Liaison Clarion Psychiatric Center

Information about Clarion Psychiatric Center

Presentation: Teen Suicide

9:05—9:10  Tracy Shultz/ Director of Operations, Cambria Co Magellan Health

Information about Magellan Behavioral Health

9:10—9:30  Tara Karbiner Clinical Director/ John Siegler, PsyD Licensed Psychologist

Presentation: Supporting Students Returning to School Post COVID

9:35—9:55  A conversation with Keith Dils and Dr. Mark Matta, CEO Psych-Med

Conversation: Working collaboratively with various education stakeholders

9:55—10:05 Announcements/Act 48/Counselor Credit/ Recording/ Evaluation

10:05—11:00  ALL STAR PANEL

Jane Hale Counselor Educator SRU/ Matt Pertile Counselor/Tracy Shultz/ David Delvaux /John Siegler

Moderator: Mark Matta

11:00 Wrap up


This Mental Health Event was supported by

Slippery Rock University College of Education Dr. Keith Dils Dean

Magellan Behavioral Health Aubrey Proud Director of Communications and Community Relations

Clarion Psychiatric Center Susan LaBruzzo Director of Business Development

Please feel free to contact the supporters listed above to follow up and also to use as a resource for your students, parents and staff. The goal is to “Build Partnerships for Student Success”.

Thank you

The Presenters/ The All STAR PANEL and The Moderator

The Conversation with Keith Dils and Mark Matta

Dr. Keith Dils for technical support and Act 48 credits

David Hunt for technical advice and expertise

Everyone who submitted questions

Participants for attending you deserve a GOLD STAR for professionalism

Dr. Jane Hale for assisting with counselor credits


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