A CONVERSATION about Medicating Children

The Impact of Mental Health Issues in Schools
Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA

This event is designed to provide feedback and ideas that will help everyone involved with schools and students be more successful. It is designed to be an interactive event.


This Event is Supported by:
Geneva College
Magellan Healthcare
Milton Hershey School

Participants will know but not be limited to:

*What teacher and parent resources are available?
*When is it a good idea to use psychotropic medication in young children? When bad?
*What are the side effects of some of the psychotropic medications given to children?
*How can schools best communicate with mental health providers?
*Should schools screen children for mental health issues?
*In addition to medication what are additional treatment options?
*What special challenges do schools present for children?
*Can mental illness in children be prevented?
*Is it reasonable to believe that counselors/teachers can determine that a child has a mental health or, emotional or behavioral disorder?
*Once on medication always on medication?
*How can educators and others help to overcome the stigma of mental health issues in society?


Keynote Presenter:  Dr. Mark Matta, Psychiatrist:

MEDICATION to medicate or not!

The Superstar Panel
The Panel will respond to questions about medication and other Mental Health Issues submitted by participants in advance or asked during the program.
Dr. Mark Matta, Board Certified Psychiatrist, President of Psych—Med Associates
Dr. James Leonard, CEO Magellan Behavioral Health of PA
Additional Panelist—To Be Announced

The Superstar FOCUS GROUP
The Focus Group will be individuals who have personal knowledge of the impact of medication on children. Participants will include Counselors, Prevention Specialist, Parents, and Educators.

The Reaction Group is to ask questions and provide personal insight into the discussion topics.
School Administrators, Counselors, Psychologists, Special Education Directors, Teachers, College Professors, Board Members, Safety Personnel, Medical Personnel,  Community Leaders
Attendees may submit questions in advance. What do you want to hear?  Email questions to hhevents@zoominternet.net.

If you have difficulty registering online or you have questions simply email the information to the address above or call Herb Hunt at 724-494-0968.  Registrations will be confirmed within one week.

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