2nd Annual School Safety Summit

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Bernie Hoffman

May 3, 2016

Location: Slippery Rock University—Robert Smith Student Center—Ballroom A


No Registration Fee

Breakfast Included

Act 48 Credit

This Summit is open to School Administrators, Guidance Counselors, Teachers, School Solicitors, School Board Members, University Staff, School Safety Officials and everyone interested in school safety.

This Summit is being sponsored by

Slippery Rock University College of Education– Dr. Keith Dils, Dean

All Covered—Chera Pupi, Education IT Services Consultant cpupi@allcovered.edu Phone 724-494-0411

Discussion Topics

  • The Courts, Students and Schools
  • U.S. Supreme Court Cases
  • Suggested Criteria for Critical Issues with Staff
  • Tips for Avoiding Poor Decision Making
  • Distribution of Materials
  • Custody Cases
  • Search and Seizure
  • Confidentiality/Personal Notes
  • Rulings from Judicial—including Policy Development and Regulating Expression
  • Drug Testing
  • The At-Risk Generation
  • Zero Tolerance
  • The Role of the School Board
  • The Four-Step Problem Solving Process
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Journal Writing, Backpacks and Cell Phones
  • Off Campus Actions
  • Fights/ Hands on Students/Punishment
  • Field Trips
  • The Internet: Websites and Worries: Best Practices Concerning “Sexting”/Student Websites
  • Deliberate Indifference/Deliberately Indifferent
  • Bullying, Discrimination, Harassment, Hazing and Intimidation
  • The Courts, the Constitution and the Law
  • Rights vs Privileges
  • Alternative Placement

Register Early because registration is limited

Questions: Contact Dr. Herbert W. Hunt 724-494-0968 hhevents@zoominternet.net


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