2015 and Beyond:What Educators Need to Know to be Safe, Secure and Successful in The Legalistic World of Today

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Mr. Bernie Hoffman

March 18, 2015

LOCATION: Slippery Rock University

8:00 AM-12:30 PM

The Robert Smith Student Center–Ballroom A


ACT 48 Credit is available

This Summit is open to School Administrators, Guidance Counselors, Teachers, University Staff, School Safety Officials and everyone interested in School Safety

This School Safety Summit is being sponsored by



This session will provide an overview of how political views have and will influence educational decisions. Recently passed and proposed legislation will be discussed. What does this mean to educators, especially for safety, security and supervision? Just when you think you know it all, there are additional legal issues that need to be addressed on the continuum of learning. Additional topics to be presented include: the Courts, Students, and Schools, issue and answers for decision-making, and the must know items in the redefining of education. Recent happenings affecting Child Abuse, Supervision, Confidentiality, Record keeping, Custody, Obstruction of Justice, search and seizure, deliberate indifference, and State Created Danger will be discussed. Other topics include: student assistance, the internet, social networking, cyberbullying, sexting, discipline procedures for off campus actions, the new direction of the federal courts, reason for/authority for, preponderance of evidence, need to know, observable data, handbooks and emergency card procedures, school and staff liability, new terms and meanings, bullying, discrimination, harassment, hazing and whistle blowing, review as needed on the problem solving process with key illustrations of cases that clearly explain the items above. In addition, we will discuss the review of critical incidence and how to handle them; how to identify destructive behaviors; signs of potentially violent individuals as well as avoiding liability and tips for testifying as a witness; the elements of a successful school; getting ready for change; processes and procedures you need to know. Special Education changes affecting all staff members and needed alternative education best practices will also be covered. We will further discuss what is a “smart document” and how you prepare it, the best ways to handle communication – whether by e-mail, in person or on the phone, possible serious changes in 1st amendment cases, and helpful hints on FERPA utilizing electronic data. Questions and answers as time permits. Clarification on becoming a “word-smith”, a “writing-smith”, and a “reading-smith” will be addressed. Active participation will be strongly encouraged to ensure realistic, doable and obtainable actions.

Register early because registration is limited.

Questions contact: Dr. Herbert W. Hunt at 724-494-0968 or hhevents@zoominternet.net



Ask Bernie Hoffman—A Roundtable Forum

March 18, 2015

Slippery Rock University

The Robert Smith Student Union–Ballroom A

1:30 PM—3:30 PM

ACT 48 credit is available

This Roundtable Forum is open to School Administrators, Guidance Counselors, Teachers, University Staff, School Safety Officials and everyone interested in School Safety

An interactive format that will lead to an in-depth analysis of current school safety issues. Case studies will be cited.

Moderator—Dr. Herbert W. Hunt

The following are a list of the topics that may be discussed and analyzed. The ultimate goal is to keep everyone safe and secure and for all involved with education to be successful.

Different school safety situations and how to avoid being labeled as being deliberately indifferent.
School release situations—how thorough and tough do you want to be?
Bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment—having good policies and must do procedures.
Proper utilization of staff and outside sources to enhance school safety including equipment.
Intervention needs and trigger alerts for students who may be prone toward violence.
These topics are suggestions. Participants are encouraged to submit, with their reservation, other current school safety issues.

This is a NON-sponsored Event

REGISTRATION FEE–$50.00 (normally $125.00) make checks payable to HH Education Events and mail to 3821 Frew Mill Road, New Castle, PA 16101. Unfortunately Credit Cards cannot be accepted.

If Event#2 is cancelled due to weather or other circumstances the Registration Fee will be refunded. Refunds will not be issued to anyone who has registered but does not attend unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Questions contact: Dr. Herbert W. Hunt at 724-494-0968 or hhevents@zoominternet.net

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