A New Year’s Resolution by Herb Hunt

Dan Thomasson recently wrote an article: Does DeVos have the answers? He discussed the attitudes and beliefs that the nominee for Secretary of Education holds. There is one paragraph that really made an impact on me. Thomasson wrote:

DeVos has spent much of her adult life trying as a philanthropist, lobbyist and political activist to persuade Americans that she has the answers to a system people have been saying was broken since the McGuffey Reader taught huge numbers of our earlier citizens just how to do that. Despite all the critics and naysayers, Americans somehow managed to turn their nation into the leading world power. (Tribune News Service)

Thank you Mr. Thomasson for reminding everyone that we live in the greatest country in the world and yes it is because of educators.

A New Year’s resolution: Even though there may be problems that need to be addressed let’s take time to also focus on the positive.

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