A Discussion about School Safety

Bernie Hoffman sharing insight about safety


Bernie Hoffman in Western Pennsylvania

Administrator Emeritus/National Safety Consultant

Friday, September 21, 2018

Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA

8:00 AM—Noon

TOPIC: What Should be Included in a Good School Preventative Safety Action Plan?

This is a TEAM Event. Individual registrations will not be accepted

What Bernie has been doing in the past three months that will provide you with new information

*Inspected and in-serviced 15 major schools in eastern/northern PA and southern New Jersey

*In-serviced 3 groups of school police officers many of them were former state and local police

*Consulted with 2 suburban school districts with unique at risk problems

*In-serviced at least 50 Lieutenants and Sergeants of major school police forces

Participants will leave this event

  1. Knowing what should be included in a good school preventative safety action plan.
  2. Understanding the roles that various individuals and/or groups are responsible for in the implementation of a good school safety action plan. Positions that will be focused on: Superintendent, Principal and other administrators, Counselors, School Resource Officers, Local and State Law Enforcement, Teachers, Board Members, Community Agencies.
  3. Know how to recognize troubled youth and what interventions should be implemented to intercept any potential violent assault.
  4. Being presented with insight into recent major school safety events, knowing what should and should not be done to help make your school students and staff safer in this ever changing school environment.

Personal Goals for Bernie Hoffman and Herb Hunt

Bernie and I want to make a difference for you and your students, staff, parents and community regarding school safety. To accomplish this goal you can help drive the agenda by having your Team submit questions or cases to Herb in advance. We will make every effort to address your questions during this event. If we all work together we can make a difference and have an impact on making our schools a safer place for students and staff.

For more information and to request a registration form email Herb at hhevents@zoominternet.net

Topics to be Discussed

1. Preventive actions to safeguard school students and staff 2. Proper communication skills both written and verbal. (This also includes record keeping and incident documentation). 3. The real safety team of today.  How to make it work. (The team and their action plan.)
4. The difference between individual rights and group rights. 5. Dealing with special need students. (Proper and Improper actions) 6. Response time with problems dealing with sexual harassment, bullying, sexual orientation and discrimination. 7. How the Federal courts are affecting schools.  Actions taken by new appointments. 8. Recent important information on school shootings and weapon attacks. 9. Confidentiality issues dealing with health, welfare and safety. 10. Identification of high risk students and the immediate action plan.

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