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How Prepared are Students for the World after High School

March 27, 2018

Westminster College

Dr. Amy Camardese, Chair College of Education Westminster College


117 Registered

35 School Districts Represented

100% of those completing the evaluation rated the event GOOD or EXCELLENT

The photos are courtesy of Clark’s Studio





Your programs are always well organized with excellent speakers. You bring focus to meaningful topics!

Great event! Need more open dialogue with students and community stakeholders

We need to be open-minded as educators.

Very Nicely Done!

All of the information shared was very helpful.

Always an amazing event!

I feel I can now teach my kids how to become better prepared for life.

Very eye opening from a student perspective as well as a parent of a High School junior.

This event opened my mind to different thoughts.

I liked the event and would attend again.

Today’s comments and topics are a great jumping point for reflection.

Ms. Regina Hiler, Principal Butler Vocational Technical Dr. Patty Kardambikis, Asst. Superintendent Slippery Rock


COMMENTS ABOUT THE FOCUS GROUP This group was made up of 20 recent High School graduates

The students were very honest and reflective.

It was great hearing from students who just went through high school. I am taking comments and advice back to my administration.

Comments from student focus group was extremely powerful. Thank you for including them.

Hearing recent graduates from many different areas was truly eye-opening. We need to listen and move forward with what is best for students.

Student Focus Group was excellent. Great to hear from their perspective.

Having the students share their stories and perspective on their educational journey was very eye-opening. We must start to view education through the eyes of the students.

Moderator–Dr. Eric Rosendale, Executive Director Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit





Moderator–Dr. Wayde Killmeyer, Executive Director Intermediate Unit 4



The panelists Dr. Ron Iarussi, Dr. Eugene Thomas, Mr. Mike Thompson, Mr. Vince Gratteri

The All Star panel of experts was extremely informative. I took notes to share with colleagues and administrators.

Collaboration is important/ know your essential skills/ what makes you stand out!

A Great Panel and Great information!

I will remember: Viewpoints from past/present/future with resources that can help students prepare for life after high school, help students find their SPARK!

I will remember: Essential Skills not Soft Skills

Make connections with your students. Work for all staff to make 3 connections.

Encourage not discourage going different directions in life. It is OK to go to trade school. College isn’t for everyone. Opening up options is a key to success.

Students should be introduced to various careers and a plan developed to follow each students SPARK!

Don’t shy away from things step out of your comfort zone.

I was encouraged to hear support and appreciation for career-technical education.

You need communication skills in life or you will be stuck.

Good conversation, good points and wonderful panel.

Kids desperately need to find themselves and how educators can help in an authentic way.



Mr. Vince Gratteri Pittsburgh Technical College








Thank you for your support Pittsburgh Technical College



Thank you for your support First Choice Federal Credit Union

Mr. Michael Vatter, CEO First Choice Federal Credit Union Lawrence Co.

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