The Impact of Current Legal Issues in School

October 23, 2019

Hosted by Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA


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45 School Districts 9 Organizations 3 Higher Ed Institutions

100% of those completing the evaluation rated the event EXCELLENT


This is the best training/event I have attended in 18 years as an educator. Thank you! Kevin Boariu Lakeview SD

HH Education Events are a great experience. I always leave knowing more about critical educational policy. Thank you—Ritt Smith Cranberry SD

I am a new administrator and this was eye opening about many current legal issues.—Andrew Carlson Valley Grove SD

Fantastic event as always! Great topics of discussion and presenters (Russ Lucas)—Marissa Damon The Prevention Network

Always informative—Tony DeFelice Springfield Local SD (Ohio)

I love that these events have been at a variety of locations. This is my first opportunity to visit the beautiful Geneva Campus—Leah O’Malley Chartiers Valley SD

I enjoy coming here for these events—Kylee Kaster Riverside SD


John Vannoy Sharpsville SD/ Josh Weaver Grove City SD/ Joe Mancini Ellwood SD/ Erica Kolat McGuffy SD/Jill Jacoby Fort Cherry SD/ Megan Van Fossan Ringgold SD

The legal issues discussion was fascinating especially the discussion about expulsion. I learned so much from the Superintendents—Leah O’Malley Chartiers Valley SD

Very interesting questions posed by the audience. Josh Weaver Grove City SD

Great place to network—Dr. Shannan Shiderly Geneva College

Superintendent panel was awesome. GREAT colleagues and good advice/experience—Anonymous

Hearing about waiver agreements vs expulsion and how they can play out—Jarrin Sperry Conneaut SD

How to handle difficult legal issues within the school setting—Eliana Jorgensen Ambridge SD

Reiterating and reminding that more than 10 days exclusion is considered as an expulsion—Jim Anderson Grove City SD



When asked “what did you learn today that you will share with others”?

The advice to have NASRO trained officers at after school events is a practical concern—Leonard Rich Lawrence County Career Technical Center

Appropriate policies put in place and effectively dealt with can ensure the sanctity of an appropriate learning environment—Andrew Carlson Valley Grove SD

That persons serving as security officers must be NASRO trained unless they are former police officers—Marissa Damon The Prevention Network

Clarification on purpose of “room clear” beyond legal consideration—Kevin Boariu Lakeview SD

Interested in sharing of the recent PA legislation about the anti-bullying bill of rights—Anna Beech Shenango SD

With the legislation being proposed schools will be responsible for having an anti-bullying specialist who will be responsible for collecting data and reporting to PDE—Anna George Duquesne City SD

Legal issues pertaining to expulsion and offering cyber as an alternative– Danyelle Boyd Chartiers Valley

Yes, school districts can issue underage juvenile citations—Paula Bittler—Hermitage SD

“Room Clear” getting all students out of danger during a student disruption as it escalates—Dave Sevick Computer Reach

It was very helpful to have Russ Lucas explain legal process and how we as educators can be proactive and prepared—Anonymous


Thank you Geneva College for Hosting

Thank you for your support Milton Hershey School, Scott Gregory and Pat Turnpaugh

Thank you for your support Computer Reach, Pittsburgh PA, Dave Sevick

Thank you for your support Educational Development Software—home of HIBster Jim Budzilek

A special Thank You to Russ Lucas with the Law Firm of Andrews and Price for his help and expertise

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